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. This document was last modified on: Mon, Feb 3, 2003. (this site is under constant revision and there are still broken links or incomplete information. Sorry for this):

  1. 02/03/2003! During one year and a half, the site has been a little bit abandoned by your servitor (except to "vital" pages, like the ones dedicated to lectures, I've not made any changes). Sorry about this. But now, time has come for the grand opening of the new site. New cascading style sheets (downloadable here), new pages (see the Glossary or PhD Students pages), new content on old pages (see the Home page, for instance), latest information (see Papers), and many bug fixes all over the place. The bad news is that I am more or less decided to drop the french speaking part of the site: it becomes too complicated to maintain two sets of pages. Or I'll reduce it to a small introductory sub-site. I don't know. There are, however, still lots of changes to make. Stay tuned (as of today, the number of visitors is 34459; divide it by the number of days since this counter has been added -- roughly 3 * 365 + 300 ~ 1395 days -- and you obtain a nice 25 visitors/day).
  2. 09/25/2001: The site is being entirely revamped and updated (but no new content, really)
  3. 01/13/2001: No changes since many months, since I do not really have the time to do them. I've updated the slides page and (incompletely) the papers one. The information page for the master students of the DEA IARFA has also been updated with the new planning.
  4. 06/26/2000 : The whole site has been changed again (sorry for any broken links - in any case, going back to my home page should allow you to find the new locations). Three new pages (one on my full coordinates, one a previsional calendar, and one on my CV) have been added, in both french and english.
  5. 03/21/2000 : Many changes over the last months. Too numerous to be described here. Addition of a "what's new" table on the home page (with the three last new items).
  6. Lots of minor changes on various pages (papers, events, links, etc.) in english and french. I have added of new "root" page to provide readers with downloadable slide shows (It only lists for the moment the slides which were downloadable from the events page).
  7. Wow ! Two months without really updating the pages. What a shame. The information page for the graduate students of the DEA IARFA has been however updated with the new planning.
  8. 11 / 23 / 99 : More than 2000 people have visited my site in less than one year ! I am very happy : it is an unusual high number for an academic personal site. It probably shows that when you do your job, people follow... One small change : I have added the presentation made in the JFIADSMA conference to the Event page.
  9. 10 / 07 / 99 : The french part of the site is now finished ! Most of the sub-pages (i.e. research projects, etc.) will however stay in english since I cannot maintain a double site. Minor corrections to different pages. A page dedicated to snapshots of the Manta program (and a movie) is to be found here.
  10. 10 / 06 / 99 : I have once again changed the layout. I suspect I like this activity more than I should ;-). The french version of the site is on its way (some pages have already been translated). See here.
  11. 09 / 24 / 99 : I have reprogrammed the EPS implementation of the N-Puzzle example to eliminate all dependencies to Symantec GUI components. The source code has also been verified and I have removed all the french commentaries (which were kind of useless for most of the readers...). It still relies on AWT, though. I will move to Swing in the future.
  12. 09 / 22 / 99 : The Events page has been modified to reflect the latest information... Two sets of slides are now downloadable from it.
  13. 09 / 21 / 99 : my (long) vacations have been fatal for the regular update of my pages. I've changed the layout once again to make it more readable (and shorter to open). Tell me what you think about it. I've also made some minor maintenance fixes on the pages. Nothing really worth to be described here. Pending changes are now numerous : the StarLogo, Papers, Events, Research pages still need to be updated...
  14. 07 / 01 / 99 : so many changes to make and so little time... I've at least updated the Manta page. It was pointing to corrupted zip archives. The StarLogo, Papers and Events pages will normally be updated very soon with new items.
  15. 06 / 13 / 99 : Many minor changes have been made to the site throughout the last three weeks. The Microbes page now points to the "official" project page (since I don't have the time to update it). The Master thesis page has been modified to include some new information. What is expected soon (within two weeks, at most): an update to the StarLogo page, since the MIT has also issued a Java-based StarLogo, which I haven't tried yet: an update to the Papers page, to reflect the current status of my modest bibliography.
  16. 05 / 26 / 99 : (at last) My thesis - in french - can be downloaded in Acrobat PDF format (from the Papers page)
  17. 05 / 25 / 99 : Many improvements have been made - especially for allowing people with old browsers to read my pages.
  18. 04 / 06 / 99 : The site now uses CSS (Style Sheets) everywhere. Netscape users have had some problems, due to a poor implementation of some CSS tags in Navigator, but it should now work. Tell me if it is not the case.
  19. 03 / 17 / 99 : The site has been entirely revamped. It may affect the download time. Tell me if it is too long.
  20. 03 / 14 / 99 : Due to a nasty bug in CyberStudio4 (and until an update appears) I have been forced to rename all the .html files to .htm files. All the internal links have been changed (CS4 is still a good site manager !), but your bookmarks may be false. Changed files :
    1. Utilities/menu.html changed to Utilities/menu.htm
    2. Courses/DEA_IARFA/infos.html changed to Courses/DEA_IARFA/infos.htm
    3. Courses/Maitrise/projets.html changed to Courses/Maitrise/projets.htm (the old "Courses/projets.html" still exists and points to the correct page).
  21. 03 / 13 / 99 : I have begun writing the pages describing the Microb project and its sequels (Microb2, Microb3 and Microbes). They can be reached from the Research page (which has been updated accordingly).
  22. 03 / 08 / 99 : The beta-dstribution of Manta can (at last !) be downloaded from this page.
  23. 03 / 08 / 99 : Addition of a page devoted to the EMF behavioural model (not finished).
  24. 03 / 02 / 99 : Addition of sub-links on the menu (on the left side).
  25. 02 / 22 / 99 : Addition of a page devoted to the StarLogo experiments and the StarJava project. The Research page has been updated, with the addition of links to new projects.
  26. 01 / 21 / 99 : Addition of a page reserved for the master students (DEA IARFA). The pages related to my lectures have been broken up in several categories.
  27. 12 / 10 / 98 : Addition of a page devoted to the students projects proposal in the AI/DB section (in french)
  28. 12 / 02 / 98 : Addition of some fancy icons. Not sure if they are really needed...
  29. 11 / 16 / 98 : Frame interface revamped for a better readability.
  30. 11 / 08 / 98 : Easier and less expensive (in download time) frame-based navigation.
  31. 11 / 07 / 98 : Bibliography now downloadable in EndNote or BibTex format. Cassiopeia page updated (still not finished)
  32. 11 / 06 / 98 : Addition of new research projects in the Research page.
  33. 11 / 05 / 98 : Addition of a Cassiopeia page (not yet finished). Some links fixed.
  34. 11 / 04 / 98 : Updated courses notes have been added. Links page rewritten.
  35. 11 / 03 / 98 : N-Puzzle Java applet updated (but not the downloadable source)
  36. 11 / 02 / 98 : The Papers page has been updated and should more readable.
  37. 10 / 06 / 98 : Small corrections.
  38. 07 / 10 / 98 : Some incorrect links and visual glitches fixed.
  39. 04 / 28 / 98 : Major revision. Everything almost rewritten from scratch.
  40. 04 / 13 / 97 : Added my lectures and some research links.
  41. 09 / 10 / 96 : First launch.
  1. Add the french translation of the Individual Based Modeling page (by Craig Reynolds) on my site. in progress.
  2. Add an up-to-date CV (in french & english).
  3. Make all papers downloadable (some copyright problems will still prevent me from doing so, though).
  4. Build a complete Microb-RoboCup sub-site (including the code for the SoccerServer clients, a WIP section with links to the students page, and an exhaustive description of our approach). in progress.
  5. Provide a list a bibliographical databases to be consulted on the net.