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The MICRobES Project has been started in March 1999. It aims at making a group of autonomous robots (eventually, 10 Pioneer 2DX) "survive" in a human environment: the laboratory itself. They will have to solve individual as well as collective problems, such a recharching themselves, finding their way, map-making, avoiding obstacles and lifts, without specific adjustment of the environment (including the physical and social environment)

In this context, MICRobES is a first step towards designing physically and socially situated agents operating in real environments. The robots will be used for diverse experiments on map-making, learning, cooperative exploration, human interaction, and so on. This is a big project, in that it will eventually involve more than 15 people, last three or more years, and probably provide us with exciting results and applications.

For now on, the MICRobES page is available as a working page in french (and partially in english), maintained by Louis Hugues. You will have to follow this link to have more news :