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Distributed AI, Multi-Agent Systems, Collective Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Life, Multi-Agent Simulation, etc. are now being taught all around the world by many different professors and researchers. It is sometimes difficult to access this information, and this situation is unfortunate : most of the lectures on these subjects have been designed to allow non-specialists (i.e. students) to understand difficult notions, contrary to conferences and journals papers that target an already specialized audience.

The goal of this page is to bring together a set of links pointing to various sites where lectures materials (notes, slides), of good quality and on subjects relevant to my own research (or teaching activities), are available. As a matter of fact, I regularly use some of them for my own presentations. Please note that sites *without* included materials (i.e. PDF or PPT slides, or PS syllabus) will not be listed here.

Due to the transitory nature of most lectures, there will probably be some broken links sooner or later. Please take the time to report them to me. Do the same if you are a teacher and want me to add a link to your own site.

Links are broken down in arbitrary categories which do not necessarily reflect the exact nature of the courses.


Distributed AI, MAS

Agents Architectures

Swarm, Collective Intelligence

Evolutionary Systems, Artificial Life

Robotics & Collective Robotics