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Jean-Daniel Zucker


Since October 2007, I am a Senior Researcher (Directeur de recherche de 1ere classe) at the IRD (Research Institute for Development). I am the director of the International Laboratory UMI UMMISCO (International Laboratory on Mathematical and Multi-Agent Based Modelization of ecological, biological and social Complex Systems) funded by both IRD and University Paris 6. UMMISCO has also five supervisory bodies: University Cadi Ayyad (UCAM) at Marrakech (Marocco), University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) at Dakar (Senegal), University Gaston Berger at Saint- Louis (Senegal), University Yaounde I at Yaounde (Cameroun) and University of Science and Technology in Hanoi (Vietnam)

After graduating as an Engineer (SUP'AERO) I got my Ph.D. in 1996 in Machine Learning from Paris 6 University where I became an associate professor in 1996 focusing on representation changes and abstraction in predictive analysis. From 1998 to 2001 I lead a CNRS team called Granulab at the LIP6. In 2001 I became Full Professor of Computer Science at Paris 13 University where I co-directed the LIM&BIO (Medical Informatics anf Bioinformatics Laboratory) and lead until 2003 a CNRS multi-laboratory team called IAPuces (Artificial Intelligence approaches for personalized medicine relying on Omics and Clinical data). Since 2014 I lead a group on Machine Learning in Metagenomics in the Nutriomics Laboratory lead by Karine Clément at IHU ICAN (Institute of Cardiometabolism And Nutrition) of University Paris 6. From 2011 to 2015 I was posted in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since September 2015 I am posted in France. I have received an award to support to coordinate a Data Integration and Analysis group called Integromics in the IHU ICAN.

My research focus is in Artificial Intelligence, on Machine Learning (predictive analysis) and Change of Scales (abstraction) for modeling, simulating and predicting Complex Systems. I rely on Multi-agent Simulations and Machine Learning algorithms to address problems where multi-scale and data integration are key issues. My fields of application include Metagenomics, Nutrigenomics, Epidemiology, Decision-support Research for Environmental Applications and Models.

I am coordinating an international PhD Program for Modeliing Complex Systems supported by both the university Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and IRD : the PDI MSC. This program supports Students from the South and the North to do their PhDs in the field of modeling Complex Systems.

The following page gives access to my publications on Google Scholar. My page at IRD is here. My page on Research Gate is here.

Some of my publication are also on ResearcherID

I co-authored in 2013 with Prof. Lorenza Saitta the first book on Abstraction in Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems.

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