Social Events

Social events


The Tutorial list can be seen in the program.



The Keynote list can be seen in the program.



The registration desk will be located at the entrance of the building, 2 rue Marguerite Duras (at the cross of the street "rue Marguerite Duras" and the street "rue Françoise Dolto").
Registration wi


Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Presentation formats are fifteen (15) minute talks, followed by five (5) minutes for questions.
Each auditorium will have a dedicated PC, projector and technical officer, should need arise.

We will discourage usage of personal machines, to avoid painful comings and goings.

Accepted presentation formats are the usual: Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF. Files should be provided by means of a  USB Key.

Presenters are asked to be present in their appointed auditorium at least 10 minutes before the start of the session in order to transfer files on the dedicated PC.

We remind participants that it is customary to present oneself to the chairman before the start of one's session.


Guidelines for Poster Session

Posters are an excellent opportunity to get important feedback from an audience of specialists. So, please prepare your poster according to the following very basic rules:

  • For space reasons you should prepare a poster of size close to A1 format (33.11in x 23.39in or 84mm x 594mm) in VERTICAL orientation.
  • Please, remember that a poster is NOT a paper (NOR a printed slide presentation).
  • Do not put too much text - Posters with 800 words or less are ideal.
  • Use large enough fonts (so it can be read from 2 meter or 6 feet away). As a guideline, the smallest font-size should be 20.
  • Use schemata and figures, they will help you interact with your audience.


Most* of the posters will be presented TWICE on the same day, DURING THE COFFEE BREAKS close to where drinks and food will be served. Twice, in order to give you enough time to present your work (since you are not the only one presenting).
Information on where you can put your poster will be made available on site. We will provide material to fix the poster to the panel (but it is always handy to have your own since there will be around 20 people doing the same thing at more or less the same time).

Your contact for the poster session is: Marcin Detyniecki (Marcin.Detyniecki**lip6.fr -- please, replace the 2 stars with @).



Guidelines for Final Paper Submission

This Section describes the procedure to upload the final version of the manuscript (before February 10, 2011).

Travel Grants

The IEEE CIS will offer a limited number of travel grants for Students and Researchers from Developing Countries who are presenting a paper at IEEE CIS-sponsored conferences. One application system will be used. Both IEEE CIS Student Members and Graduate Student Members can benefit from the IEEE CIS Outstanding Student Paper Travel Grant award.

SSCI 2011 Sponsors

Silver Sponsor

Aldebaran Robotics

Nao is a humanoid robot developed and manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics, a French company based in Paris, France.

Human vs. Computer Go Competition

Human vs. Computer Go Competition

Emergent Application of Computational Intelligence in Computer Go



IEEE/ IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS)
National University of Tainan, INRIA
Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence, National Science Council

CIPLS 2011

2011 IEEE Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Production and Logistics Systems

The management of production and logistics systems in today’s fierce competition environment is a difficult task and has become progressively complex. Major changes in products, processes, technologies, and societies bring along remarkable challenges and increasing market demands.