Jean-Gabriel Ganascia Publications

Most recent and significative publications


  1. Rucar Y., Ganascia J.-G., An ontology and a memory island to give access to digital literature works, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, October 2018, DOI:, link

  2. Yang B., Ganascia J.-G., Creating knowledge maps using Memory Island, International Journal on Digital Libraries, October 2018, DOI: 10.1007/s00799-016-0196-0, link

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  4. Ganascia J.-G., "The Logic of the Big Data Turn in Digital Literary Studies", Frontiers in Digital Humanities, vol. 2, 2015, number 7, doi 10.3389/fdigh.2015.00007, ISSN 2297-2668, link

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  17. Ganascia J.G. On the Supposed Neo-Structuralism of Hypertext, Diogenes N°196, September 2002, Issue 4, Blackwell Publishing Ltd. paper


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  4. Ganascia J.-G., "An Agent-Based Formalization for Resolving Ethical Conflicts", Workshop BNC’12: Belief change, Nonmonotonic reasoning, and Conflict resolution, ECAI-2012, August 2012.
  5. Tufis M., Ganascia J.-G., "Normative Rational Agents a BDI Approach", Workshop RDA2 - Rights and Duties of Autonomous Agents, ECAI-2012, August 2012.
  6. Ganascia J.-G., "What’s Wrong With Combat Robots and Virtual Child Sex", Philosophy of Information symposium, AISB/IACAP-2012 World Conference (AISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour) and the IACAP (The International Association for Computing and Philosophy)), Birmingham, 2-3 July 2012.
  7. Pergament D., Aghasaryan A., Ganascia J.-G., "Reputation Diffusion Simulation for Avoiding Privacy Violation", SNAMAS symposium (Social Network and Multi-Agent Systems), AISB/IACAP-2012 World Conference (AISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour) and the IACAP (The International Association for Computing and Philosophy)), Birmingham, 2-3 July 2012.
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Book Chapters

  1. Ganascia J.-G., "Réontologisation du monde et de la vie", in actes du colloque de Cerisy Sciences de la vie, sciences de l'information, publié chez ISTE Editions Ltd, link, Draft version french, Draft version english

  2. Ganascia J.-G., "À propos de l’intelligence artificielle et de ses inconscients", in Actes du 16e colloque de la société de Médecine et de Psychanalyse - Tous connectés (2017), link, (Draft version)

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  4. Ganascia J.-G., "Non-monotonic Resolution of Conflicts for Ethical Reasoning", in A Construction Manual for Robots' Ethical Systems: Requirements, Methods, Implementations, ed. R. Trappl, 2015, link, (Draft version)

  5. Tufis M., Ganascia J.-G., "Grafting Norms onto the BDI Agent Model", in A Construction Manual for Robots' Ethical Systems: Requirements, Methods, Implementations, ed. R. Trappl, 2015, link, (Draft version)

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Large Audience Book Chapters and Journals

  1. Ganascia J.-G., "Les machines autonomes par-delà le bien et le mal", revue La Recherche, juillet-août 2018, numéro 537.

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