François Pachet's past activities at Lip6

I used to belong to the research team OASIS, at LIP6 laboratory, the Computer Science laboratory
of Université Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6), itself in Campus Jussieu.
I currently work at SONY CSL-Paris where I head the computer music team.

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My research often produces experimental systems: NéOpus, MusES, BackTalk, EpiTalk at Lip6,
MusicSpace, RecitalComposer at Sony CSL.


NéOpus is an extension of Smalltalk with first-order, forward-chaining production rules. It is being used in a number of applications: automatic ventilation of patients, automatic analysis of tonal music, database model transformation, etc.


MusES is an environment for experimenting with knowledge representation techniques in tonal music. It contains a representation of the basic concepts of tonal harmony (pitch-classes, notes, scales, chords, intervals ...), and their most current operations. Several systems have been built on top of MusES: automatic analysis of jazz chord sequences, automatic harmonization of 4-voice chorals, simulation of improvisation.

European people participate in the JIM conferences on Computer Music.
By the way, un livre indispensable sur l'informatique musicale:
Recherches et applications en informatique musicale, Hermes, Collection Informatique Musicale, 1998.



BackTalk stands for Backtracking in Smalltalk. It is a framework for stating and solving combinatorial problems (CSP) involving object structures. It is the basis of Pierre Roy's Ph.D. thesis. Anne Liret's Ph.D. thesis concentrates on combining rewriting techniques with CSP.


EpiTalk is a platform for the specification and automatic generation of advisor systems . It is based on a botanical metaphor: epiphyte systems (hence the prefix epi ), i.e. systems that feed from existing systems without perturbating them, in order to analyse their behavior. As ivy grows on a tree, our advisors grow on - and adapt to the evolution of - arbitrary host applications.
François Pachet
LIP6 - Boîte 169
Université Paris 6
4, Place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
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