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Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni
Projects, contracts and collaborations

Industrial collaborations

  • Collaboration with Dassault-Aviation. "Ractive Planning and Dynamic organisation based on MAS".
    (since 2002). (Thèse CIFRE) Joint project with Thalès-Airborne Systems. "Design of complex systems based on autonomous agents". (2000-2001).
  • Contract supported by the Ministry of Industry. "Distance-Teaching and Visioconference on MARWAN (MARocain Wide Area Network)" ; ( 2000 - 2002). Collaboration with A6-Média-Guide (PME), INSA of Rouen ( P.S.I. laboratory), and the University Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg.
  • Contract supported by the Ministry of Francophony. "Inforoutes et Université Virtuelle Francophone (UVF)". (2000 - 2001). Collaboration with the University Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg, University of Montréal - Canada and EMI (Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs - Morocco).
  • Contract supported by the CONACYT- Mexico (Mexico National Concile for Science and Technology), under the Project Number. 31827-A. " Dynamic Organisations and MAS ". ( 2000 - 2002). Collaboration with Christian Lemaître Léon - LANIA (Laboratoire d’Informatique Avancée – Veracruz).
  • Contract supported by CNET France-Télécom. CTI number 904-15-4371-123 - " Diagnosis of phone netweork ". (1994 - 1997). Collaboration with Serge Haddad - LAMSADE, Paris Dauphine.
  • Project supported by GIS ( Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique-Science de la cognition). " Modelling humain behaviours in the context of collective problem solving ". ( 1997 - 1999). Collaboration with LPC laboratory (Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive) - Paris 8.
  • Contract SLIGOS (PME) , Développement d'une base de règles pour la traduction automatique des réseaux RPAS (Réseaux de Processus ASynchrones basés sur ACSP) en réseaux de Petri Ordinaires.

Scientific Collaborations

International Collaborations

Robea Project (CNRS): " Modelling-simulation of actions made by autonomous and interactive agents"

LANIA (National Lab for Advanced Computer Science) - Veracruz, Mexico.
LAFMI Franch-Mexican Lab of Computer Science.

  • Responsible of the "Action intégrée Franco-Marocaine". This program has been supported by French and Moroccan Governments for 4 years (1996 -2000). " Conception of network applications: VidéoConference. A multiformalism approach combining Object-Oriented Programming, Multi-Agent Systems, and Petri nets".
  • PROCOP project with the University of Hambourg. "Specification and design of knowledge bases for the analysis of self-modified Petri Nets".
  • Esprit Project PROOFS " Promotion of Formal method in European Software industry : Tools and Formal Methods in the distributed computing domain ".

National Collaborations

  • Project GIS : LIPN and L.P.C. (Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive de Paris 8).
  • Integrated Franco-Moroccan Action :LIPN and LAMSADE (Paris Dauphine), LEIBNIZ (IMAG - Grenoble), LIB (Besançon).
  • CNRS Cooperation : LADL, LAFORIA, LITP, MASI - MARSALA Project (Modélisation, Analyse et Réalisation de Systèmes d'Agents parLangage d'Acteurs).