Matthieu Cord

Professor at Sorbonne University, (ex UPMC, ex Paris 6, ex …)

Researcher in the MLIA team of the LIP6 lab

IUF honorary member (Promo Junior 2009), Scientific advisor at the French National Research Agency ANR for Artificial Intelligence (2017-2018), Project manager at CNRS (INS2I) (2015-2017)

Part time senior scientist at

My research interests include: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning for Multimedia and Computational Cooking.


Crazy about cooking, ready to cook anywhere, anything, even my computer. Currently cooking on ANR VISIIR PROJECT for Web food recipe filtering, and searching.

Try the demo food reco engine!

Recent news

NEW: My project VISA-DEEP: Towards visual reasoning in deep learning has been selected as a chair of research and teaching in artificial intelligence in the National French Government program on AI

1 CVPR paper accepted on self learning: Learning Representations by Predicting Bags of Visual Words
1 ICASSP paper on GAN: This dataset does not exist: training models from generated images
1 AAAI paper accepted on our GAN strategy for Cross-Channel Image Completion
and others …
PhD defense of Rémi Cadene (07/08), Daniel Brooks (07/03), Mickaël Chen (07/02), Martin Engilberge (06/12), Adrien Poulenard (04/15)

2019 main publications:
4 NeurIPS (NIPS) – Bias in VQA, zero-Shot Segmentation, Failure Detection, Riemannian NNets
4 ICCV – UDA, Face alignment, Few-shot, 3D manifold learning
3 CVPR – SoDeep, Advent and MUREL
1 AAAI – **Tensor decomposition **

ICCV conf.
PhD defense of E. Mehr with MP. Cani, L. Guibas, T. Boubekeur, K. Bally, M. Ovsjaniko, V. Guiteny, M. Cord (Supervisor)
PhD defense of T. Robert with S. Canu, G. Mori, C. Achard, K. Amahari, D. Picard, N. Thome, M. Cord (Supervisor)

4 NeurIPS (NIPS) accepted! Biais in VQA, 0-Shot Segmentation, Failure Detection, Riemannian NNets

PhD defense of J. Peyre, with J. Sivic, C. Schmid, I. Laptev, F. Jurie, S. Lazebnik, M. Cord (Rev)

4 ICCV accepted!
PhD defense of Junhao Wen with F. Barkhof, P. Coupé, O. Commowick, O. Colliot, S. Durrleman, M. Cord (President)

CVPR conference

PhD defense of H. Ben-younes Multi-modal representation learning towards visual reasoning with Y. Lecun, J. Verbeek, V. Ferrari, C. Wolf, P. Perez, L. Soulier, N. Thome, M. Cord (Supervisor)

3 CVPR SoDeep, Advent and MUREL accepted this year including 2 oral!
PhD defense of Arthur Guillon with N. Labroche, J. Velcin, A. Cornuéjols, C. Frélicot, MJ. Lesot, C. Marsala, M. Cord (President)

HdR defense of K. Bailly with L. Heutte, JM. Odobez, B. schuller, M. Chetouani, M. Cord (Pres), J. Crowley

Our PAMI,IJCV and Neurocomputing journal papers online in my publication page!
Our CVPR 2018 code on multimodal (text+im)embedding online



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Fax: (+33) 1 44 27 70 00
LIP6 / Sorbonne University
4, place Jussieu
75005 Paris, France