RTDMC-08                                   Paris, France, December 13, 2008
Pre-ICIS Workshop on
Supporting real time decision-making: The role of context in decision suppport on the move





Supporting real time decision-making:

The role of context in decision support on the move

Overview and Goals

Traditionally decision support systems (DSS) address strategic and long-term decision situations. However, due to the dynamic nature of organisations and of the environment that impose a continuous and rapid replanning, it is equally important to study a possibility of providing some support for making time-critical operational decisions in real time in a best possible way. The complexity, multiple goals and various time-critical imperatives associated with such decision support increases the importance of learning the right context for making a good choice.
Organized by SIGDSS, this workshop will explore issues associated with the design and use of the real-time Decision Support Systems.  The workshop will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of research regarding systems which support real-time decisions “on the move”. This includes the current state, challenges in design, theory, practice, methods and techniques, new developments, and applications of computing technologies to support extracting the context of real-time decision processes and decision-making by individuals, groups and organizations in time-critical situations. The challenges of context management as a component to knowledge management for decision making and support will be also addressed.