Brezillon P & Abu-Hakima S (1995)

Using Knowledge in its context: Report on the IJCAI-93 Workshop.

AI Magazine, Spring, 16(1): 87-91.


The workshop on Using Knowledge in its Context was held at Chambery, France on 28 August 1993, preceding the Thirteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-93). This article provides a summary of the discussions between the participants before (by electronic mail) and during the one-day workshop. It is clear from the results that the notion of context is far from defined and is dependent in its interpretation on a cognitive science versus an engineering (or system building) point of view. In identifying the two points of view this workshop permitted us to go one step further than previous workshops (notably [Maskery and Meads [1992] and Maskery, Hopkins and Meads [1992]). Once a distinction is made on the viewpoint one can achieve a surprising consensus on the aspects of context that the workshop addressed--mainly, the position, the elements, the representation and the use of context. Despite the consensus on the aspects of context, agreement on the notion of context is not yet achieved.


The Proceedings are available from me. (Proceedings of the IJCAI-93 Workshop on "Using Knowledge in its Context", Research Report 93/13, LAFORIA, University of Paris VI, Paris, France).