Patrick Brézillon: My activities related to context

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MUCA: Groupe francophone de recherche sur le contexte

MUCA est l'acronyme de "Modélisation et Utilisation du Contexte dans des Applications". Ce groupe vise à réunir la communauté francophone s'intéressant au contexte, quelque soit sa discipline, à conditions que les recherches soient menées en vue de l'utilisation explicite du contexte.
MUCA stands for "Modeling and Use of Context in Applications". The goal of the research group is to meet together the French-speaking community interested by the notion of context, what ever the domain of study is, the unique condition being that research are lead for an explicit  use of the context.

CONTEXT: International web site

This web site is the result of an old collaboration with Roy Turner, webmater of this web site. The web site presents the last news about context in the Artificial Intelligence community and related communities. There are general information and findings about context, a mailing list, and the announcement of events concerning context.

The series of International and Interdisciplinary Conferences on Modeling and Using Context.

My interest for the notion of context leads me to organize events focusing on the notion of context in order to improve our undertstanding of this notion in ourdifferent works. The two first main events were two workshops at IJCAI-93 and IJCAI-95 (Proceedings are publish as research report in my Laboratory, e-mail me to have a copy). The first main conference, CONTEXT-97, hold in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1997. The second one, CONTEXT-99, hold in Trento (Italy). The increasingly interest for this series of conferences leads us after to create a Steering Committee that I chaired in 2001 for CONTEXT-01. Now, the series of conferences has its own life and the last conference, CONTEXT-03, held in Stanford University (USA) in June 2003.

Other links related to context where I intervened
A bibliography of around 450 references is available at (a html version is planned for very soon…). Most of the references have their abstract. References are coming from different domains as AI, ergonomy, cognitive science, etc.
This is the web site of my last mature application. This concerns the design and development of a Context-based Intelligent Assistant System for operators that have in charge subway line monitoring in incential situation. We propose a context-based representation of knowledge and reasoning called contextual graphs.
With Roy Turner, we present a tutorial at the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-2002) in Lyon (France), July 22th, 2002. Materials on context will be proposed for this opportunity. Publications/KER99.pdf
Brézillon P. (1999) Context in problem solving: A survey. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 14(1): 1-34. (A preliminary draft of the article indeed).
Although a little bit old now, this paper presents a survey of the literature on context at that time.

• (in French)
This is an annex of an activity report (for my administration!) about my project "Context-based Intelligent Assistant Systems". This annex is regularly updated, no thanks to my administration…

Current activities:

1. Research on Contextual Graphs
- Formalization of this formalism
- Extension to develop natural learning and acquisition of operators' experience on the fly, explanation generation capability
- Application of the context-based formalism in another application (discussion with several companies now)
2. Study of the relationships between contextual graphs and the context-aware applications
     This is a new challenge very exciting and concerned also smart devices, ubiquitous computing, etc.