Special Interest Group on Networked Games (NetGames SIG)

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According to a recent report from market intelligence firm Newzoo, the global gaming revenue is estimated at $149 billion for 2017, where software revenue alone for 2017 is estimated to generate $116 billion and expected to reach $143.5 billion by 2020 [1] [2]. This tremendous growth is driven by several factors including advances in graphics hardware and proliferation of mobile devices. The ubiquity of network connections has also driven up the demand for online gaming. Cloud gaming, the newest entry in the online gaming world, has recently emerged as a new service that offers the possibility to play online games using any terminal, such as a tablet, a smartphone, or a TV screen, without the need for expensive high-end 3D graphics rendering and powerful computing hardware and software. With these technological advancements, online gaming hits a huge market of mass consumers desiring better playing experiences. More recently, we have been witnessing an explosion of new game-based online services, such as e-sports and gamecasting, which are attracting a massive number of players and viewers. This ever-increasing number of users is straining the underlying network and introducing new technical challenges that require synthesis of a variety of research areas.

The Special Interest Group on Networked Games (NetGames SIG) was created to gather and disseminate activities conducted in academia and industry across the globe in the area of networked games. The aim is to further understand the challenges and requirements of today's networked games, and to follow the new trends in this ever-evolving industry to explore the possibilities of future-generation online games and game-based services.

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